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  • What should I do if the fishing reel cannot find Bluetooth when connecting to the phone
    1. 1.Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on, then double-click the fishing reel button. If Bluetooth doesn't appear, double-click again

    2. 2.If you have previously connected the fishing reel to another device, make sure it is disconnected from that device. Sometimes devices can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time. 

    3. 3. For Android phones, follow these steps: Go to Settings > Apps > App Manager > Search for "WeChat" > Permissions > Then enable permissions for "Nearby devices," "Storage," and "Location."

    4. 4. For iPhone, follow these steps: Go to Settings > Search for "WeChat" > Then enable permissions for Location, Bluetooth, and Notifications.

  • Can the reel be used in saltwater?

    The fishing reel is resistant to short-term water immersion, ensuring optimal performance during rainy-day fishing.

     It is also suitable for saltwater use (After using the fishing reel in saltwater, promptly remove the side cover components for cleaning and maintenance)

  • For the DBC reel, Is it possible to use it without a mobile application?

    Yes, it is ok, and we would recommend utilizing the button controls to adjust the fishing reel. 

    The buttons offer five casting modes, and each mode comes with a 4x4 range for precise adjustments.

  • Do DBC fishing reel need to be set up before each use?

    No, it's not necessary. This fishing reel has a memory function, so you don't need to adjust it before every fishing trip unless you want to change your settings.